Department of Court Records Wills and Orphans' Court Division
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
Frick Building, Fl. 17

The following fiduciaries have filed their accounts in the Office of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court Division. The accounts will be presented to the Orphans' Court Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, for confirmation nisi at

9:30 a.m.
March 4, 2024

Audit Notice

All parties interested are hereby notified that an audit list will be prepared and the list will be called on
Monday, March 18, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. and continue thereafter each day (Saturday and Sunday excepted) until completed.

2455-2018; Abdou, Elias Michael a/k/a Elias M. Abdou; Acct: Jewish Family & Children's Service, Guardian; Acct-atty: Gary J. Gushard
2138-2014; Anderson, Dale H.; Acct: Gary Anderson, Guardian; Acct-atty: Jay L. Fingeret
3627-2022; Carlin, Carol; Acct: Karlin Paige Lamberto, Extrx.; Acct-atty: Charles J. Grudowski
1224-2023; Chandler, Louis A.; Acct: Jewish Family & Children's Service, Guardian; Acct-atty: Gary J. Gushard
8208-2021; Colamarino, Carol Jo; Acct: Daniel J. Eiseman, Extr.; Acct-atty: Kathleen Schneider
3037-2021; Colecchia, Francesca M.; Acct: Maria Massucci, Extrx.; Acct-atty: James K. Goldberg
7252-2014; Freeman, James A.; Acct: Lynn Giannirakis, Guardian; Acct-atty: Gary J. Gushard
651-2022; Grillette, Nannette W.; Acct: Michael K. Parrish, Esq., Extr.; Acct-atty: Jeanine M. Fanciscus
9044-2021; Hiles, Jon D.; Acct: John D. Hiles, II, Admr.; Acct-atty: Patrick F. Lawlor
5386-2020; Johnson, Karen D.; Acct: Kristin J. Wiggins, Admrx.; Acct-atty: Kathleen Schneider
4852-2011; Klingensmith, James G.; Acct: Joseph G. Klingensmith and John A. Klingensmith, Co-Extrs.; Acct-atty: Thomas J. Dempsey, Jr.
8641-2021; Maresch, Howard J.; Acct: Diana M. Maresch, Extrx.; Acct-atty: F. Christopher Spina
6557-2021; Murray, David B.; Acct: Michael H. Murray, Admr.; Acct-atty: Michelle A. Ross
7281-2018; Nash, Erdine; Acct: Robert Nash, Former Guardian; Acct-atty: Lauren Darbouze
823-2020; Sahene, Sally Ann a/k/a Sally Sahene a/k/a Sally A. Sahene; Acct: Kristen Cohen, Extrx.; Acct-atty: Roxanne S. Eichler
84-2020; Sapp, Karl R. a/k/a Karl Richard Sapp; Acct: Michael K. Sapp, Extr.; Acct-atty: Patrick F. Lawlor
1681-2018; Thompson, Robert M. a/k/a Robert Miller Thompson; Acct: Robert M. Thompson, Jr. and Wendy K. Thompson and Terriann Thompson, Co-Extrs.; Acct-atty: Julia Varholla
3445-2019; White, Andrew W.; Acct: Alan Woolslare and Michael J. Welsh, Co-Admrs.; Acct-atty: Timothy J. Giltinan
4196-2023; Wineland, Linda; Acct: River Communities Fiduciary Services, Inc., Guardian; Acct-atty: Michelle A. Ross

Deeds of Trust

252-2024; Colecchia, Francesca; Acct: Maria C. Massucci and James Massucci and Lauren Massucci Camino, Co-Trustees; Acct-atty: James K. Goldberg
8271-2023; Lamparski, Helen D.; Acct: Don G. Lamparski, Trustee; Acct-atty: Melanie M. Lasota
738-2024; Maresch, Howard J. and Mary Jean Maresch; Acct: Diana Marie Maresch, Successor Trustee; Acct-atty: F. Christopher Spina
826-2024; Thompson, Robert M.; Acct: Robert M. Thompson, Jr. and Wendy K. Thompson and Terriann Thompson, Co-Trustees; Acct-atty: Julia Varholla