Allegheny Lawyers Online

This feature is a clipping service. Subscribers will be provided with information from the daily Pittsburgh Legal Journal of all pertinent words (i.e., attorney names or clients) that are provided by the user. Information can be viewed on this website. To obtain subscription information call 412-402-6687.

*Please note that Allegheny Lawyers Online is a premium service. The Allegheny Lawyers Online password is different from the password.

Allegheny Lawyers Online keyword matches will be posted by 4 p.m. each day. Allegheny Lawyers Online searches the Pittsburgh Legal Journal with the exception of the Treasurer's Sale and Classified ads.

The price for this service is $30/month. This price entitles the user to search up to six keywords each month. Additional keywords may be added for an extra $5/keyword. There is a $1 per keyword discount if more than 200 keywords are searched monthly by the same customer.

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